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Welcome to my website...

Handfed Cockatiels

Handfed Lovebirds

Handfed and Handtame baby lovebirds.

Tyler handfeeding baby lovebirds


Running a business is never easy, especially birds, they require at all times lots of love, attention, a great diet, toys, a clean environment and lots of clean water for bathing and drinking.  Nothing is done just out of the blue but takes alot of patience, love and care to have a successful aviary.  
Our baby birds are all handfed at 2 weeks of age, banded and put on an feeding schedule.  They become very bonded to humans and all they want to do is be around their loved humans.
Upon viewing our baby birds, we take reservation deposits for the unweaned and call our customers when the birds are fully weaned.  We provide all the information possible for the bird.  We also recommend people to visit websites to gather information about the bird that they're purchasing.  We provide customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We do not sell unweaned birds to people who have never owned a baby bird before, we rather hold them back until the bird is ready to go than to give our customers work in handfeeding when they don't have experience.

We use Kaytee or Tropican handfeeding formula for both our lovebird and cockatiels and wean onto pellets, seeds, fruits and vegetables, sunflower seeds and safflower seeds and treats such as spray millet and other treats.  We recommend that their diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables and treats to keep them interested in foods, change their diets once in a while and if you feel you should change their diet to pellets only, gradually ad pellets until you elliminate the seeds and if you choose to, give them seeds as a treat only approximately once a week.
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