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Our Pets..

Timuluk- Pied cockatiel- RIP March 2007.
He came from Guelph Humane Society He was our second cockatiel.


Maroon Belly Conure

Eleanora (medium) Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Hi-Baby aka "Fifi"- Barks like a dog

Green Fischer Lovebird

Goffins Cockatoo

Lutino Lovebird

Whiteface Cockatiel

This cockatiel has found her owners after being lost for 3 days.. read story below.


Why it's important to keep your bird's legband.
We band our birds for the purpose of being able to identify the bird.
In this case the above cockatiel was reported missing or lost.  I was informed by the owners, and immediately put an alert out that it was lost.  A family in St.Thomas, ON was devastated and didn't know how to get their bird back when it flew away from the owner's shoulder.  I immediately contacted the shelters and made posters with the bird's information and legband number.  In the area there was another family that had reported their bird missing, fortunately at the petstore that this cockatiel was brought to contacted the other family who had reported their lost bird.  When they went to see the bird, they noticed it wasn't theirs but still kept it.  At school the children were talking about their lost bird and came to one having the other family's bird... they both got in contact with each other and now the cockatiel "Zoe" has found her home... after being 3 days lost, she was very hungry.  I've been told that "Zoe" is doing very well, eating and missed her family very much.

It is important to keep your bird's legband on in case you loose your bird a poster could be made for residents around the area to be aware that a pet bird is gone missing.

We do not incourage people to remove the band, because once the bird is gone, there is no way to identify the bird and to contact the owners.