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We have 4 pairs of breeding cockatiels.
The first pair is a grey male (Silver) and a lutino female (Blondie), they have produced pieds, greys and lutinos. 
The other pair is a grey with whiteface (Patches) in his genes and a cinnamon female (Marie), they've produced greys, cinnamons, cinnamon pieds, cinnamon pearls, whiteface pieds and whiteface pearls.  Both pairs have just had babies and sitting on eggs again.
The other pairs are laying eggs but we don't know what color of babies they produce since it's their first time breeding for us.
All baby cockatiels are pulled out of the nestbox between 3 days (not recommended) to 15 days old (recommended), by pulling babies out of the nestbox actually "stunts" they're growth if pulled out too early from the mothers, if you are unable to meet a feeding schedule on time.
All birds are super handfed and handtame and come (some birds) with a closed legband and hatch certificate.
Hope you enjoy our babies... 

Our breeders are sitting on eggs.  Incubation takes approximately 25-30 days.  Babies should be pulled out of the nestbox at 15 days old.  leg banding should be done at 5 days of age.  Cockatiels take approximately 9-14 weeks to fully wean if alone, if with and older cockatiel they will learn to wean faster.