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Everyone knows that it's not fun when a bird or any pet gets injured, and we all hate to see that vet bill, but we have to take it in consideration, whether the bird is kept in the cage or allowed to fly around the house, sooner or later it could get hurt or sick have to acknowlege that just like humans, they need medical attention.
We've had some natural causes of injuries and needed medical attention... here's what happened...

Due to baby cockatiels feeding each other, the food usually sticks to the inside bottom beak, in this case, I cleaned it but the beak became very fragile and when the other baby fed this one, the beak broke.  I only noticed it the day that it had the big hole.  It's very healthy and eating well but my biggest concern is when it's fully weaned and tries to eat seeds and pellets.
We are accepting donations for a prosthetic beak as I have been informed and is very costly.


Beak is doing very well is almost weaned and is doing really well with it's new owner...

Stump is the maroon bellied conure that the parents bit the foot off, we just got news that it didn't make it so we wish it to RIP.

Quazi- Skelectal defect from birth.
Adopted to a lady in Alberta.

Home made Elizabethean Collar.
To prevent the bird from chewing or plucking. Picture taken May 28/06. Let's see in a month's time..

Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo is doing really well, she has let her feathers bloom and hasn't chewed them, we hope that she keeps this good habit and soon she'll be beautifully plumaged...